Stepping off the train from Madrid in Vitoria-Gasteiz, a city of 252,000 in the Basque Country,  northern Spain, felt like stepping into an alternate universe. The doors of the station opened to a cool December evening. I walked down a wide street lined with large magnolia trees, interspersed with restaurantContinue Reading

Going to Madrid during the COP 25 conference was, in a few words, inspiring, depressing and frustrating. Inspiring to attend a few “side events” with excellent speakers deeply involved in implementing the TOTALLY DO-ABLE solutions we need to to turn the corner and drive global CO2 emissions to zero. DepressingContinue Reading

Steps toward the car-free city I haven’t posted in a while because, frankly, I’m finding it difficult to make myself sit down and write, or even just stay indoors, in a city with so much going on, especially when it’s sunny and up to 20 degrees out! So, I’m compromisingContinue Reading

Modern architecture, transportation and nature Shifting attention from the old to the new, and turning on my “Planner” antennae, Montpellier seems to have achieved a nice balance of density and livability, at least in the neighbourhoods close to the centre. The residential areas are mostly row-houses and other attached multi-plexes,Continue Reading

A peek at the industry from a shipping engineer’s perspective I was hosted by friends of my family in the Amsterdam area, including Boudewijn van der Garden, who works for Jumbo Shipping, a heavy-lift shipping company, as the Regional Commercial Manager specialising in renewables, specifically offshore wind. This provided meContinue Reading

A few quick impressions I spent a couple of days in Brussels, in part to meet with a work contact related to heat pump technology (separate post – they’re piling up!). I traded in my backpack for a suitcase and it’s much easier to mount on my bike. The bikeContinue Reading