A peek at the industry from a shipping engineer’s perspective I was hosted by friends of my family in the Amsterdam area, including Boudewijn van der Garden, who works for Jumbo Shipping, a heavy-lift shipping company, as the Regional Commercial Manager specialising in renewables, specifically offshore wind. This provided meContinue Reading

A few quick impressions I spent a couple of days in Brussels, in part to meet with a work contact related to heat pump technology (separate post – they’re piling up!). I traded in my backpack for a suitcase and it’s much easier to mount on my bike. The bikeContinue Reading

Took the foldie for a spin today, it was great to get some exercise and I love how a bike opens up a city. Distances and pacing evaporate. There’s no “should I go down that street? What if it’s uninteresting?” because it’s practically effortless, so may as well explore more!Continue Reading