Took the foldie for a spin today, it was great to get some exercise and I love how a bike opens up a city. Distances and pacing evaporate. There’s no “should I go down that street? What if it’s uninteresting?” because it’s practically effortless, so may as well explore more! It can be as slow as walking, to catch details and slip between streets and buildings, or speed up to nearly car speed to cover some ground. It was comfy to ride and I made use of all 4 gears. Before I left I did have a smaller chain ring put on the front to gear it bit lower and that seems like a good call.

I generally avoid the touristy parts of town, and by bike I could quickly experience them and then be gone. Another bonus of travelling light is I’m not tempted to buy stuff, as I have nowhere to put it! I did consider climbing the prominent church spire but balked at the 1000KR price (about 10 bucks) – to climb stairs! Nah. Speaking of spires… there’s actually a Phallological Museum in Reykjavik. At first I thought it might be amusing if only for the selfie opportunity to share with my female friends. But then I was like, wait, aren’t *all* museums basically penis museums? So those are some of the sights I *didn’t* see in Reykjavik.

Update: craving another hot springs experience, I gave in to the marketing and visited the famous “blue lagoon” outside Reykjavik. It was created accidentally when discharge from the adjacent power plant accumulated. Now it attracts the Instagram generation (practically everyone had a camera in hand, yours truly excepted). Good thing I saved the ten bucks from avoiding the chruch spire! Another 12 similar attractions avoided and I’d cover the cost of the blue “Lago de las Narcissistas” 🤪 Still, it was soothing and the milky blue water quite surreal.