It’s a beautiful Fall day in Vancouver. I’ve succeeded so far in containing my stuff to one carry-on pack (plus a camera bag) and my new folding bike. It’s a Dahon and met my “smallest foldable suze” criteria, fitting in a box or suitcase of regular checked baggage size. I have a bit of a bum knee and can’t walk a long way, plus I want to experience some bike friendly places! It’s 26 lbs and can be pushed along when folded. I’ll report on how well this scheme works! Maybe Dahon would like to sponsor me, haha!

OK now to finish packing and a quick outing to buy a foldable coffee filter (I have a bit of a thing for collapsable gear), for survival in tea country (UK). Then YVR to KEF (Reykjavik)!

My luggage – I’ll ditch the box after I land in the UK.
The folder!