Welcome to EcoTown Consulting

The best time to take action on climate change was 20 years ago.
The next best time is now.

We help your company, organization or city be a leader in creating our low-carbon and healthy future.

  • Craft policy to guide decision making, positioning your organization as a forward-looking leader, in reducing carbon emissions, preparing for climate change impacts, and improving sustainability across the board. Read more
    • Sustainability and climate action plans, strategies and policies, for governments, corporations and land developers. 
      • Example: The City of Burnaby’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy, and Community Energy and Emissions Plan, co-led by Lise. Included extensive stakeholder and public engagement, internal workshops with staff across departments, and Council.
      • Example: Worked with developers and contributed to master-plan site sustainability strategies and development review for the City of Burnaby.
    • Sector-specific strategies tailored to your organization.  Example: The City of Burnaby’s Green Building Policy, led by Lise.
  • Create action plans that bring together the power of people, nature, technology and clean energy, to make cities more healthy and livable. Read more
    • Coordination of planning, dialogues, and regulatory changes for new development to support low-carbon transportation, healthy urban ecosystems (trees, streams, parks and landscapes), housing affordability, energy efficient and low-carbon buildings.  
      • Example: hosted internal dialogues with City of Burnaby, to help integrate objectives of updates and new plans for transportation, climate emergency, housing, and Official Community Plan.
      • Example: developed internal guidelines and sustainability checklists for development review for the City of Burnaby.
      • Example: led bylaw reviews and updates for the City of Burnaby, including for tree protection, streamside protection, EV charging, building energy efficiency.
  • Plan for market transformation for sustainable products, services, and energy. Read more
    • Research, analysis, stakeholder dialogue, for industry transformation; topics to date include sustainable building materials, electric vehicles, low carbon home heating and cooling systems. 
      • Examples coming soon – Projects in process.
  • Communication about climate change and its solutions, to inspire hope and action. Read more
    • Writing for a general audience about climate change topics, including renewable energy, city design, transportation. 
    • Public speaking. Lise has spoken at many public events and is a sought after speaker. 
    • Other creative projects in development!
  • Climate action coaching for elected officials, change-makers and activists. Offer in development. Contact Lise for more information and to sign up for updates and discounts on early offerings.

We provide nimble and scaleable consulting services, and can leverage a high calibre network of experts with complementary skills and technical expertise, to take on projects large and small.

Lise Townsend (Principal) brings 15 years of experience leading sustainability & climate/energy policy, and in-depth knowledge of local government, including in the areas of urban planning & development, ecosystem management, low carbon buildings & transportation. She is passionate about climate-positive, ecologically healthy communities. Find out more on her LinkedIn, and read dispatches from her recent “sustainability sabbatical” travel adventures in Europe here.

Contact Lise at: lise AT ecotown.ca