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Planning for our low-carbon, healthy future.

EcoTown Consulting is a boutique consultancy providing services in urban sustainability and climate policy and planning.

What We Do

Strategic Planning

We craft science-based policy to guide decision making, positioning your organization as a forward-looking leader in reducing carbon emissions, preparing for climate change impacts, and restoring natural systems.

Research & Analysis

We access the latest science, evidence and best practices help you make informed decisions to support market transformation in sustainable products, services, energy systems, and land use.


We help you ensure your policies deliver results with actionable plans, internal guidelines, processes and tools, to track progress and ensure accountability.

Telling the Story

We communicate about climate change, and your city’s or organization’s solutions, in every-day language, illustrating the multiple benefits to inspire hope and action.

What’s in the name? Town’s end ==> EcoTown  

Lise Townsend is committed to a vision of communities that support the ecosystem services we all depend on, while providing vibrant, smart, healthy, and equitable places for people to flourish. At the “end” of towns that exploit the earth, lies the beginning of the eco-town, a place that brings to life our low-carbon, healthy future.

About Lise

Lise Townsend


Lise is an urban sustainability planner with 15 years experience working for and within local government. A systems thinker who connects the dots for transformative change, she’s committed to regenerative development that addresses the climate and ecological crises.

As the lead Sustainability Planner at the City of Burnaby, Lise put sustainability and climate action at the heart of the City’s policies and programs, co-leading development of the city’s foundational environmental sustainability strategy and first-generation climate plan, leading policies and bylaws for green buildings and electric vehicles, and guiding development to protect and enhance the environment.

Lise is an expert communicator and skilled at stakeholder engagement and relationship building across disciplines and jurisdictions among the private and public sector.


  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada